Alabama Power Foundation - The Power of Good (Alabama)

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    Alabama Power Foundation


    The Alabama Power Foundation strives to bring good to all Alabamians and all corners of the state. The Foundation does this by connecting people committed to change to the resources and information they need to make a difference.

    The foundation's focus areas are as follows:

    • Educational Advancement
    • Civic & Community Development
    • Arts & Cultural Enrichment
    • Health & Human Services
    • Environmental Stewardship

    History of Funding

    None is available. 

    Additional Information

    Funding is divided into the following award categories: 

    1. Foundation Grants: Foundation grants focus on underserved segments of our population. We fund projects to enhance education, community life and arts, and to improve the environment and health and human services. Learn more at:
    2. Elevate Grants: Elevate Grants work across all of our focus areas and are intended to help our nonprofit partners achieve financial stability, expansion goals, program enhancements and other mission-critical objectives. These robust grant packages are intended to be game changers” for the organizations awarded them. Learn more at:
    3. Classroom Grants: Teachers often have to pay for class materials out-of-pocket. Our Classroom grants seek to solve that problem by awarding grants up to $1,000 for materials to better the classroom environment, and in turn, enhance a student's ability to learn. Funding may also be used to support COVID-19 relief efforts such as technology support, cleaning and sanitation supplies, as well as mental health needs for students and educators. Nonprofits who provide those services and are partnering with local school systems who meet the grant criteria may also apply for grants. Learn more at:
    4. Power to Play: Power To Play supports extra curricular activities in high schools across Alabama. Funding is available for Art and Athletics Programs. Learn more at:
    5. Good Roots Grants: Good Roots supports vibrant communities and a healthy environment. Trees are key to this. Recent studies show tree-shaded neighborhoods can be three to six degrees cooler than treeless ones. Shade helps save energy and makes our neighborhoods appealing and beautiful. Learn more at:
    6. Gateway Program: Gateway grants fund materials for community signage. Learn more at:
    7. Students to Stewards: Students to Stewards supports improved environmental education through greater math and science achievement. Funding is available for Curriculum and Outdoor Classroom Grants. Learn more at:
    8. ABC Trust Community Grant: The ABC Trust Community Grant program awards up to $500 to nonprofits and faith-based organizations working to address health and human service needs in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) relief efforts or to provide general health and human service support to low-income citizens. Learn more at:


    Alisa Summerville

    Alisa Summerville
    600 North 18th Street P.O. Box 2641
    Birmingham, AL 35291
    (205) 257-4722

    Maggie Beans

    Maggie Beans


    Lisa Blue

    Lisa Blue


  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are non-profit organizations in the state of Alabama.

    Deadline Details

    Application deadlines vary by program area. Refer to the foundation website for more detailed information.

    Award Details

    Individual award amounts vary based on proposal area. There is no maximum or typical request amount. However, the Alabama Power Foundation is not an all or nothing” funder and may choose to fund a portion of your request. The foundation also asks that organizations keep in mind that the Alabama Power Foundation does not have unlimited funding available and ensure that your requested amount of funding is proportionate to the scale of your project or programming.

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